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  • Read an article
  • Analyze and explain the writer’s approach to building their argument
  • Use evidence from the article to justify your explanation

If you miss on any of these points, your teacher will simply conclude that you did not understand the article and could not use it to present an authoritative discussion.

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The foundation of any help to write a SAT essay is built on the following points:

  • Remain objective and avoid reference to the first person such as “I”, “me” or “you”
  • Keep your work tidy. Your teacher has many other essays to go through and will probably have no time to struggle reading an untidy work. The way you present your paper is the first step that determines whether your examiner even looks through it
  • Indent your work. Our writers have enough experience to tell you that paragraphs are your best friend in any Make use of them because they enhance the logical and coherent flow of the argument
  • Use specific but short and relevant examples. It shows you can relate your argument to real-life situations
  • Do not be overly concerned with the exact terms for things

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